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Final Project in Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Vienna (AT)

Project supported by Fundación Arte y Derecho (SP)

The Installation “XXXXX” shows both on a

screen, as well as on a projection on the

opposite wall, a gritted flag regularly

blowing in the wind.

The image of the flag, actually a political

symbol, is transformed through this regular

structure to an ideal representation of

a systemic nature without referring to any

specific political or national direction.

Over the curved surface of the screen a further fine screened net is stretched, through its open middle part one looks at the flag blowing in the suggested three-dimensional deep space.

The tension between the suggested deep space, real space and the displayed two-dimensionality is repeated in the image of the flag itself, its irregular, random and three dimensional movements in the wind contrast to the rigid, two dimensional regularity of the grid system.




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