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Serpentine five, 2021

Site specific project for La Littorale, 8 Biennale Internationale

Art Contemporain Anglet (FR), curated by Lauranne Germond 


Five wind sleeves. Print on polyester, bamboo poles, steel and concrete.

5 x 1 x 1 m aprox. each. 


Sea slugs are tiny creatures that look like something out of science fiction. In oceans around the world, sea slugs are at the forefront of alternative energy harvesting. Many of them grow photosynthetic cells taken from their food and convert the nutrients into solar energy.


Spirobranchus giganteus is a worm that inhabits living corals. The coral and the worm seem to have a very balanced symbiotic relationship that we do not yet know about.


Laminaria algae are the main producers of organic matter from inorganic matter. They grow in nutrient-rich waters and could be a source of future renewable energy.


In this project, through a change of scale and through the wind, a change of speed and movement, common but little-known small creatures of the ocean present themselves in the beach environment as extraordinary organisms.

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