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Nueve autopensantes (Nine Self–Thinkers), 2021

Site-specific installation for "Installative textiles", curated by Juan Antonio Álvarez Reyes, CAAC Seville (ES)

Nine upholstered aluminium frames, cotton fabric

Variable dimensions (250 x 180 cm every stretch)



This installation is inspired by the “Jacob´s ladder”, a toy made of wooden blocks that seem to rise and fall as if by magic, emulating the ladder between heaven and earth that gives angels access to both worlds of which Jacob dreamt, according to the Bible (Genesis, 28, 11-19).


The nine “self-thinkers” serve as the suport surface for an interwoven landscape. Each “self-thinker” frames a microcosm: wine, meat, plankton, a painter´s palette, all references to the Last Supper, the painting by Alonso Vazquez that hung in this very room for years and is now in Seville´s Museo de Bellas Artes. Joined by three continuous pieces of fabric, the “self-thinkers” become a perfectly flexible, multi-faceted, consistent structure where little details form layers of visual surprise, creating a labyrinth that longs to be explored by passers-by.

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