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Supersuperficie II

Project made during the Artist in Residence Program Artista X Artista, Havana (CU)



Repaired sidewalk in Havana (CU)

16 m² aprox. 

"Supersurface" was a project planned by Superstudio in 1972, as a „critical reappraisal of the possibility of life without objects“.


"Supersurface" presents “an alternative model for life on earth” in which the “network of energy and information” is represented by grids and images of technology superimposed on a collage of natural and inhabited landscapes peopled by families engaged in domestic and leisure activities.

In “Supersuperficie II”, I repair a sidewalk in Miramar, Havana, as an intersection between the Grid as an utopic structure and the irregularities of an actual floor, like the one found in every coast (with tiny pieces of plastic found washed up on a beach) 

The districts of El Vedado and Miramar in Havana were built following a strict grid layout, as a good example of modern town planning. However, that perfect structure has been deteriorating from decades of poor maintenance and a lot of land has been ruined.


At the same time, that deterioration is the result of the struggle between two opposing economic systems.

As I was taking part in the AIR “Artista x Artista” in Havana (CU) in autumn 2016, I repaired a sidewalk in Miramar, following the technique I used in my project Supersuperficie (Supersurface), started in Madrid.


Being able to apply my project on real ground that has witnessed all this was a unique opportunity.

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