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Photopanorama (4 x 4 x 0,15 m), miniature train, survellaince videocamera, beamer.

Live-feed videoloop: 1` aprox. No sound

Project supported by AVAM-CRAC, Spain

First Price - Premio Antonio Gelabert Ciutat de Palma, Mallorca (SP)

Representation of the timeline followed during november 6th, 2006. During the 24 hours, the artist was taking a picture of the place where she was every five minutes, having the floor line as the connecting thread in the photos` sucession.


The photos are rearranged composing a panorama-diorama along the railway. The train carries the videocamera, which transmits the images into a beamer outside the room. 

Images from "Mixtilinea", Josh Lilley Gallery, london (UK)

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