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The karman line, 2021

Bleached canvas 
18,8 x 5 m 

A sky becomes a galaxy. At what point does the sky become space?

Hasta la Madrugada [Until dawn] brings together the work of Julio Galindo, Julio Linares, Cristina Mejías and Belén Rodríguez.

What happens before dawn, that luminous meteor that follows dawn and precedes sunrise? A dreamlike, generous environment, peopled with stories and tales, the exhibition raises the question of the stories behind the scenery, the imaginary worlds that disappear with the dawn. It's also about gestures and know-how, an invitation to discover other cultures, other beliefs, other peoples. The exhibition is conceived as a walk through the artistic universe of these 4 emerging Spanish artists who are taking over the chapel. For some, this is their first exhibition in France.

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