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Site-specific Intervention in the context of the group show Tentativas para agotar un espacio, Tabacalera, Madrid (SP)


Bleach and water on coloured canvases

5 x 12 x 1`5 m



Interpretation of the murals of Schönbrunn Palace, in Vienna - the Palace where Sissi Empress lived - with lye on colored canvas. The murals, painted by Wenzel Bergl in the 1780s, represented paradisiacal landscapes with the flora and fauna of exotic countries that were beginning to be known through expeditions (the tobacco plant among them).


It is remarkable the double morality of the images constructed from a Europe constrained by the restrictions and their imagination of the paradise through the specimens that they were bringing, while at the same time they were imposing their intellectual superiority.


Belén Rodríguez interprets, through textile techniques similar to those acquired by the merchants, her particular aesthetic approach to Bergl's murals, situating the work in an ambiguous field between the artistic work, the textile design and the object of artisanal luxury.

Download newspaper of the show here

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