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2008/2009 Sculpture. Variable Dimensions.

Honourable Mention, Generacion 2009, CajaMadrid

The Machine is presented as a sculptural object, strange and ugly as a photocopier, unwiedly in contrast to the delicate action of the threads around it.

CP01 consists of using the machine as a sculpture, a material and a means of reproducing a piece done by the artist. Based on its capacity to reproduce information placed on its glass surface, this is used as a material medium of the piece.


Thus, a simple grid like the kind you find in notebooks is made out of red and blue threads, which are carefully placed around the photocopier, always passing through its display. Around the machine, the thread we can see hints at the action carried out inside, while reproduction of the image is limited to the number of sheets in the tray.


Thus, the machine contains a kind of mystery that will only be revealed when the copy button is pressed.




The edition consists of a number of four copy machines so far, each of them with an original and unique grid: 

CP01, Generacion 2009 Caja Madrid, La Casa Encendida, Madrid (SP)

CP02, Columns, Akademie der bildende Künste, Wien, Vienna (AT)

CP03, Mixtilínea, Josh Lilley Gallery, London (UK)

CP04, Creadores Transfronterizos, Sala de Las Francesas, Valladolid (SP)

Each edition has been unique


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